BOAR – wild Slavic fragrance – wild boar – men’s niche perfume – EAU DE PARFUM

Capacity: 2 ml


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BOAR – Slavic fragrance

The scent of WILGEN RUN, RAGE and RAGE


GREEN – Fruity: apple, galbanum

EARTH – moss: truffle, moss, conifers

DRY – LEATHER – WOOD: dry wood, vetiver, fur, leather

BOAR – Slavic fragrance

“Here is a powerful beast. Hunger makes him aggressive and cunning. It eats everything it finds. Apples, leaves and mushrooms. His fur smells of the green notes of the leaves he wallows in. A mixture of notes of leather, vetiver and truffle combine with the scent of woody moss, sweat, scratchy bark. It unleashes terror. It is a wild animal struggling to live freely.” PERFUMIAR

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