Slavic gifts

The Wolf Brothers brand is accompanied by the slogan wild Slavic fragrances. From the beginning, the idea behind the compositions created is to bring Slavic culture to the world.

The naturally wild Slavic fragrances from Wolf Brothers are suitable for an unusual gift for a man. Slavic Gift. The collection Animals of Polish Forests consists of the following categories of wild Slavic scents:

Collection Animals of the Polish Forests:

The first series of fragrances called Animals of the Polish Forests, which, using silhouettes of wild animals, images of their character and characteristics of the environment in which they live, identifies, so to speak, the characteristics of the men to whom the fragrances are dedicated.

Gift candles

HAND-CAST SOY CANDLES. Perfumed with wild Slavic fragrances.

We believe that in the process of creating fragrances, inspiration can be found almost anywhere. We went to the very source, and handed over the work of their creation to the best specialists – perfumers from the Grasse area – the cradle of perfumery. It was they who, like alchemists, transformed our vision into fragrances – truly masculine, wild and inspired by nature. Presenting the series “Animals of the Polish Forests”, we want, through the sense of smell, to take you to the magical corners of the Bieszczady Mountains, from where we drew handfuls of ideas, and through the silhouettes of their wild inhabitants, to allude to the truly primal masculine qualities and instincts. If you are looking for Slavic gifts, you couldn’t have come at a better time. We propose gift candles. Unique design, highest quality Polish glassware from Krosno glassworks. Each piece of glass is hand-painted in Poland. Each Wolf Brothers brand gift candle for a guy is hand-poured in Poland. Is it possible to get more slavic gift?

Get to know them better:

Wolf Brothers Wolf candle Wolf is a scent of night, fear and wilderness.

Wolf Brothers Bear candle Bear is a scent of wildness, lair, prowess, respect.

Wolf Brothers Wisent candle – Bison is the scent of lowland meadows, strength, confidence, pride and self-control

Perfumes for men

EXCEPTIONAL MEN’S FRAGRANCES. In eau de parfum concentration.

If you are looking for a perfume for a gift, check out this category. Animal silhouettes presented in men’s scented candles that are unique Slavic gifts you will also meet in the form of niche men’s perfumes.

Wolf Brothers Wolf Perfume “I imagined a full moon on a cold night in the woods. A masculine perfume that evokes the dark side of the wolf at night in the woods… through spicy and woody notes of vetiver and pepper, wrapped in leather.” PERFUMIAR

Wolf Brothers Bear Perfume “The top notes are inspired by the forest and its resinous notes of pine and fir. The dark fur of the bear is represented by notes of purple and labdanum. Strong notes of cinnamon and ginger embody the respect and fear of the forest animal. Notes of honey and vanilla add smoothness to the composition.” PERFUMIAR

Wolf Brothers Wisent Perfume “Hay, black currant and woody notes lead us to the vast expanse of the Carpathian Mountains, the place where bison live. The floral notes remind us of the strength of the bison, while the animal notes recall its thick and warm fur.” PERFUMIAR

Bracelets for men

UNUSUAL MEN’S BRACELETS. Natural stones in the color of fragrance.

The last category of proposed slavic prezenos are bracelets for men. Natural stones selected to reflect the scent notes of wild animals. Wolf Brothers men’s bracelets are the fruit of a collaboration with the brand Brasetti Jewels from a series inspired by the collection of Animals of the Polish Forests.

Wolf Brothers Wolf Bracelet – Gold Obsidian lustre stones, Tibetan Agate Black matte stones, Jasper red lustre stones reflect the character of Wolf and the fragrance notes contained in the scent: red pepper, plum, vetiver, myrrh, pine, frankincense, clary sage, leather, oakmoss, amber

Wolf Brothers Bear Bracelet – Bronzite stones, White Howlite stones, Imperial Green Jasper stones reflect the character of the Bear and the fragrance notes contained in the fragrance: Cinnamon, Ginger, Forest Trees, Iris, Honey, Propolis, Cedarwood, Purity, Labdanum, Tree Bark, Vanilla

Wolf Brothers Wisent bracelet – stones Brown agate, stones Zoisite with ruby reflect the character of the Bison and the fragrance notes contained in the scent: grapefruit, black currant leaf, blackberry leaf, hay, bison grass, acorns, vanilla